AB 249

School Lead Testing & Mitigation

Lead in drinking water is especially harmful to developing children's brains, and yet there are schools in California with drinking water pipes and fixtures contaminated with lead. AB 249 would have required childcare centers and TK-12 school buildings built after 2010 to meet existing federal and state standards for lead levels in water systems. It required a community water system that serves as a school site to test for lead in each of the school site's potable water system outlets by January 1, 2027, and if the lead level exceeds five parts per billion (ppb), required the local educational agency or school to take immediate steps to shut down use of all fountains and faucets where the excess lead levels may exist and ensure that a potable source of drinking water is provided for students.

Author: Chris Holden, Joaquin Arambula, and Robert Rivas

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Issues: Eliminating Toxins and Pollution

Not signed into Law


Vetoed by the Governor


71 Yes
1 No
8 Abstain


35 Yes
3 No
2 Abstain