EnviroVoters Secured a Historic Climate Courage Budget

California Environmental Voters’ efforts helped increase the state’s climate budget by 46%!

With a $54 BILLION climate budget, California has regained its global climate leadership. This historic investment gives us a roadmap to solve the climate crisis and advance justice.

And EnviroVoters’ vision and courage in accountability paved the way for this watershed moment.

Watch our video to learn more about how California went BIG on climate in its budget:

With prompting from EnviroVoters, locally-funded partners, and the broader environmental community, we secured:

  • $45 million for offshore wind through the California Energy Commission
  • $150 million for community resilience centers
  • $225 million for clean energy transmission projects in the Climate Catalyst Fund
  • $61.7 million for ocean protection and carbon sequestration
  • An increase in $75 million for extreme heat planning and support
  • $1 billion to ensure that we’re spending to build green infrastructure that will allow us to move away from dirty gas and diesel plants in times of energy scarcity, through SB 849 for the Clean Energy Reliability Investment Plan

This is on top of other critical climate provisions already in the budget, including:

  • $10 billion for Zero Emission Vehicles, which we hope to increase with Prop 30’s passage in November, including $1.5 billion in school bus fleet electrification
  • $8 billion in drought and water resources funding
  • $2 billion in wildfire suppression and prevention funding, including resources for firefighters
  • $14 billion for transportation funding